CLA 2022 videos of invited talks

  • Invited talk: Tarmo Uustalu Monad-comonad interaction laws
  • Unfortunately there is no recording of Peter Vojtáš's invited talk on Galois-Tukey connections in experiments.

  • Invited talk: John F. Sowa Automated and semi-automated tools for interoperable systems replaced by Contexts in Language and Logic [slides]
  • Invited talk: Bernard De Baets Putting order into the ordering of random variables
  • Sponsor tutorial: MANAGING AND LINKING DATA WITH KG USING PP SEMANTIC SUITE by Albin Ahmeti, Artem Revenko
  • Tutorials:
    FCA algorithms with the R package fcaR by Domingo López, Ángel Mora
    Reduction of fuzzy contexts by Jan Konecny
  • Invited talk: Boualem Benatallah AI Service Augmentation: Challenges and Directions

    Sorry - audio missing at the beginning for about 20 minutes

CLA-2022 is co-organised by TalTech Industrial project. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952410.