Accepted papers

The accepted papers are given in random order.

  • #5 Sébastien Ferré
    Exploring the Application of Graph-FCA to the Problem of Knowledge Graph Alignment
  • #6 Domingo López-Rodríguez, Ángel Mora, Manuel Ojeda-Hernández
    Revisiting Algorithms for Fuzzy Concept Lattices
  • #7 Jérémy Richard, Guillaume Savarit, Salah Eddine Boukhetta, Cyril Faucher, Karell Bertet, Christophe Demko
    Discover spatio-temporal cluster from trajectory data enhance by heterogeneous contextual knowledge using FCA and the NextPriorityConcept Algorithm
  • #8 Emile Muller, Marianne Huchard, Pierre Martin, Pascal Poncelet, Arnaud Sallaberry
    RCAviz: Visualizing and Exploring Relational Conceptual Structures
  • #9 Manuel Ojeda-Hernández, Inma P. Cabrera, Pablo Cordero, Emilio Muñoz-Velasco
    Fuzzy closure systems over Heyting algebras as fixed points of a fuzzy Galois connection
  • #10 Nacira Abbas, Alexandre Bazin, Jérôme David, Amedeo Napoli
    A Study of the Discovery and Redundancy of Link Keys Between Two RDF Datasets Based on Partition Pattern Structures
  • #12 Šimon Horvát, Ľubomír Antoni, Ondrej Krídlo, Alexander Szabari, Stanislav Krajči
    Generalized decision directed acyclic graphs and their connection with Formal Concept Analysis
  • #13 Pavol Sokol, Ľubomír Antoni, Ondrej Krídlo, Eva Marková, Kristína Kováčová, Stanislav Krajči
    The analysis of digital evidence by formal concept analysis
  • #15 Alexander Šostak, Māris Krastiņš, Ingrīda Uļjane
    Graded concept lattices in fuzzy rough set theory
  • #16 Francisco Pérez-Gámez, Pablo Cordero, Manuel Enciso, Ángel Mora
    A Galois connection between partial formal contexts and attribute sets
  • #17 Francisco Pérez-Gámez, Pablo Cordero, Manuel Enciso, Ángel Mora, Manuel Ojeda-Aciego
    Partial formal contexts with degrees
  • #18 Aleksey Buzmakov, Egor Dudyrev, Sergei O. Kuznetsov, Tatiana Makhalova, Amedeo Napoli
    Experimental Study of Concise Representations of Concepts and Dependencies
  • #19 Fernando Chacón Gómez, Maria Eugenia Cornejo, Jesús Medina
    Relating decision rules and attribute implications
  • #20 Francisco J. Valverde Albacete, Carmen Peláez-Moreno, Inma P. Cabrera, Pablo Cordero, Manuel Ojeda-Aciego
    On the Affordance-Theoretic bases of the Landscape of Knowledge Paradigm

CLA-2022 is co-organised by TalTech Industrial project. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952410.