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13-15 November 2019
Tallinn - Estonia

31st Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory, NWPT'19
Tallinn, Estonia, 13-15 November 2019


Workshop locations

The 31st Nordic Workshop On Programming Theory - NWPT'19 will take place in the campus of the Tallinn University of Technology. This is in Mustamäe, ~7 kms from the city center.

The workshop sessions will take place in room 507AB of the ICT building (Akadeemia tee 15A, 2nd stairwell, level 5). The coffee breaks and lunches will be in room 414 (down one level).

The welcome reception on Wed will happen in the cafeteria of the Library (Akadeemia tee 1, level 1).

The social event on Thu will consist of an photography exhibition visit and dinner in Fotografiska (Telliskivi 60A/8). This is in Telliskivi loomelinnak (Telliskivi Creative City) close to Balti jaam (the main railway station) near the city center.


Getting to these places

The TTU campus is in Mustamäe. You reach it from the center by trolleybus 3 or bus 11. (NB! Not tram 3! The numerations of trolleybus, tram and bus lines overlap.) Take the trolleybus or bus in the direction of "Mustamäe" to the stop "Keemia", which is the penultimate stop. Just before the stop you will see a pine-tree park with children's playgrounds on the right, then a roundabout (the only one on the route), then an all-black cube-shaped building on the left, which is the university library building. From the stop, walk a bit onward in the direction of the route, cross to the other side at the traffic light; you have arrived at the ICT building.

Plan 35 min to reach the ICT building from a central (trolley)bus stop like "Vabaduse väljak". The bus ride is 20 min, but you'll also wait for the bus and need to walk a little.

Telliskivi loomelinnak (Fotografiska) is short walking distance from Balti jaam (the main railway station), which in turn is just outside the Old Town at the end of Nunne street. From the city center (the stops "Mere puiestee" or "Hobujaama"), you can get there by tram 1 or 2 in the direction of "Kopli"; the closest stop is "Telliskivi". From Mustamäe, take trolleybus 5 from the stop "Akadeemia tee" to "Balti jaam" and walk.


Getting around

To get around in Tallinn by public transportation, it is by far the easiest and cheapest too if you buy the public transportation card, "Ühiskaart", also called "Roheline kaart" (the green card) by the locals. This is sold by every R-Kiosk; there is one R-Kiosk at the airport arrivals hall. The card costs 2 EUR. Buy a 3-day ticket (5 EUR) or a 5-day ticket (6 EUR) on it. Validate the card at a reader each time you enter a vehicle.

As a taxi service, we recommend Bolt (formerly Taxify; similar to Uber). You can download the app before you arrive. It is a good idea to set up the app to charge your credit/debit card.

From the airport to the city you get by tram 4 directly from the airport terminal. The taxi lane is just in front of the arrivals hall. For pick-up by a Bolt car, walk across the taxi lane to the next one through a small waiting hall.

Check out the webpages of the Tallinn Tourist Board and the Estonian Tourist Board for essential knowledge about Tallinn and Estonia.

An excellent rough guide with honest reviews is Tallinn in Your Pocket. For in-depth information on Estonia, check Estonica.

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